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Marvel Heroes 2.0

Started by Eternal, November 08, 2013, 02:10:03 pm

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A brand new playable hero has been added to Marvel Heroes! Thor’s deceitful brother uses his powers of sorcery to create illusions, wield ice magic, and cast deadly debuffs on enemies! The question is â€" why is he working with the heroes to defeat Doctor Doom?

Travel to the frozen Fjords of Norway and battle Frost Giants, Dark Elves and more! Help Reed Richards uncover the mystery of how and why these enemies from another realm are invading Earth by donating items that have been exposed to the energy of the Cosmic Cube! Doing so will unlock a brand new zone!

Norway can be unlocked by bring a hero who has defeated Doctor Doom on the present difficulty mode to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and speaking with the transport S.H.I.E.L.D. agent near Nick Fury.

Over the next 4 months, new areas of Asgard will become available, including a raid zone, PVP zone and Siege challenge.

Colossus has been reviewed by the design team and brings many new powers and abilities, including the devastating Siberian Express! This design review brings Colossus all the way to level 52 and gives him both a new Ultimate ability and a new Signature Power!

Various optimizations and improvements have been made (with much more coming).

Fixed an issue which caused auto-party to fail. You should now be able to use this option and join other players in various instances.

Fixed an issue that caused XP orbs to become invisible when a player was defeated.

Thor’s Storm Strike and Storm’s Chain Lightning should now increase number of bounces immediately after ranking up or when having rank influenced by gear/buffs The hero stat page (Strength, Durability, etc.) has been expanded to include an 8th and 9th point. These points currently give very little return as we will be revamping the stat system in the future.

Fixed an issue that was causing summon powers to be affected by both power duration affixes and summon duration, rather than just summon duration.

Summon powers now display a Summon keyword in the tooltip.

Black Panther

Panther Slash - Damage increased ~15%.

Knockdown Strike - Damage increased ~33%.

Black Widow

Stinging Shot: Damage increased ~10%.

Agile Strike: Damage increased ~20%.

Snap Shot: Damage increased ~5%.

Rolling Grenades: Damage increased ~60%.

Captain America

Opening Strike: Damage increased ~18%.

Shield Bash: Damage increased ~8%.


Colossus has received a design review! We felt that Colossus initially had an initial lack of very fun power options but did very well at taking little damage. We've given him a handful of brand new abilities and changed many others on the way. Colossus' powers now unlock up to Level 52!

New powers:

Siberian Express - Hold down the hotkey to charge into enemies with colossal momentum, knocking down any who stand in your way. (May want to include this power was inspired by community suggestions)

Titanic Slam - Leap forward, using your monumental mass to create massive crater on landing, knocking down nearby enemies. This power has replaced Steel Splash.

Fissure - Smash the ground to create a seismic shockwave that knocks enemies into the air.

Bond of Bloodline - Call upon your sister, Illyana Rasputina - the powerful mutant known as Magik - to fight at your side. Fastball Special, Colossus' former Ultimate, is now a normal power.

Colossal Roar (signature power) - Deafen, damage, and knock down nearby enemies with a supersonic battlecry from your resonant Osmium body. This knockdown cannot be resisted by bosses.

Heavy Metal (Ultimate power) - You become impervious to harm and roar an unresistable challenge to all nearby enemies. Allies are inspired by your colossal fortitude and bravery.

New mechanics:

Colossus' armor is now a focal point for more than just survivability. Several of his powers gain bonuses based on your remaining armor, making them most effective if you keep your armor at maximum capacity. In addition, Colossus has gained mechanics involving his stats, such as powers that deal bonus damage based on your defense rating or maximum health.


Forceful Kick now unlocks at level 3. Getaway Roll now unlocks at level 1. Hawkeye players have received a free respec of their power points due to this change.

Quick Arrow - Damage increased ~20%.

Taser Arrow - Damage increased ~35%.

Freeze Arrow - Damage increased ~20%.

Forceful Kick - Damage increased ~50%.

Human Torch

Burning Volley: Damage increased ~40%

Bug fixed: Fuel for the Flame was gaining twice as much damage from gear as intended.

Jean Grey

Bug Fixed: Kinetic Wave no longer unintentionally deals both Mental and Energy damage post-transformation.

Bug Fixed: Mind Crush now correctly switches between Mental and Energy damage when in different forms.

Luke Cage

Heroes for Hire cooldowns reduced to 3 seconds.

Dempsey Roll can no longer be interrupted by crowd control effects.


Rifle Shot: Damage increased ~7.5%.

Explosive Rocket: Damage increased ~25%.

Quick Escape: Damage increased ~65%.

Steel-Toed Kick: Damage increased ~20%.

Rocket Raccoon

Groot should now speak!

Big Flarkin' Gun's wind up and wind down animation speeds have been made twice as fast.

Tactical Destruction: Now eats 5% shield capacity to boost damage instead of a flat 20 shield points.

Gravity Mine: Damage type changed to Energy from Physical, damage rating multiplier increased by ~10%

Burrowing Escape: Now usable in hub regions.

Forceful Shot: Damage rating multiplier increased by ~5%, knockback removed in favor of a slowing effect, now called "Neutron Shot" and unlocks at level 11.

Cunning Shot: Slow removed in favor of a stunning effect that scales with rank.

Pistol Whip: Damage rating multiplier increased by ~5%, hits now grant a temporary defense bonus.

Energy Barrage: Damage rating multiplier increased by ~20%.

Turret Powers (Non-Ultimate): Health scaling increased by ~20%.

Blaster Turret: Base damage scaling increased by ~10%.

Wily Scavenger: Now increases rare item find in addition to buffing orb pickups.

Stun Grenade: Animation sped up by ~10%, now deals some energy damage in addition to stunning and unlocks at level 9.

Groot: Increased health scaling by ~10%, now unlocks at level 10.

Squirrel Girl

Fixed a bug where Squirrel Girl's dodge counter-attack proc was triggering on non-melee attacks


Wrecking Ball can no longer be used in hubs.

Fixed an issue where Web Shield would stop Spider-Man’s movement.

Fixed an issue where the vulnerability from Web Spray was not applying for the correct duration.


Lightning Bolt: Damage increased ~10%.

Buffeting Zephyr: Damage increased ~20%.

Many new enemy types have been added such as Frost Giant Ice Shaper, Shamans, Dark Elf Assassins, Fae Callers, and more!

Doop has been changed so that he will only flee once attacked or approached (preventing him from disappearing before you saw him.) Attack him quickly, he’s quite slippery! Maggia in Midtown Manhattan discoveries can no longer be mind controlled by Emma Frost. This prevents Emma players from interrupting other players’ Legendary Quests.

There are several new item types (and inventory slots!) for players to utilize! Players can now equip up to four artifacts on their character sheet (with more slots becoming unlocked as reach high levels), a Ring, and a Legendary item.

Legendary Items

Legendary Items are items of power from Marvel Lore that heroes can obtain by trading in 300 Odin Marks to the Legendary Items vendor (located beyond the Reed Richards event). Legendary items have five ranks which can be obtained by gaining experience, each of which unlocks a new rank. Each rank grants a predetermined (non-random) new affix. Legendary Items should take approximately 3-4 weeks to rank up all of the abilities.


Rings are a new type of item in Marvel Heroes that appear in various rarities and give the player additional affixes to choose from. For PvP’s release, players will be able to purchase special PvP-focused rings.

Other Item Changes

Various new unique have been added including Dragonfang, a community-created Unique!

There are six new relics to be found, here are a few examples:

• Relic of Wakanda

• Relic Skrullos

• Relic of Chandil

In order to help make room for these new Relics, SHIELD Medi-Kits now stack to 50. In the next patch, a dedicated pet slot on the UI will also help free up an additional space. There is a new item that can be found in the world: the Spirit of Ymir. Collect these items to donate to Reed Richards, or use them to craft Matrix of Ymir’s to further assist Reed in his experiments!

Fixed an issue where most DoTs on items were dealing extremely high bugged damage. Items were tuned upwards afterwards in some cases. Further review will be needed for some items. Please post in the item section of the forums if something seems extremely inappropriate.

Mandarin Medal/Medallion: Fixed a bug that caused the burn effect to deal full damage each second. Updated the tooltip to clearly explain how much damage is dealt by the burn effect. Converted all "when you are hit" triggers to "when you are attacked", except for Thorns and Spirit When Hit effects. This makes items more forgiving for dodge and block heavy characters.

Fixed an issue that prevented numerous items such as the Relic of Lemuria from showing floating healing numbers.

New crafting recipe: Upgrade Unique to X Level. This recipe costs credits and allows a player to take a unique item of any level and “upgrade it” to level 40, 50, or 60. This recipe does not reroll the items stats, but instead scales them to the level of choice.

Removed crafting time from Fantastic Force Field, Bannertech Accelerator, Portal to Confidential Bovine Section, and Transform Epic Item (49-60).

Blessings of Asgard will no longer have variance in their stats, and will instead be locked at the highest possible value. If a player received a blessing that was weaker than this new value, their Blessing will be upgraded to the new amount.

Maht's Arrowhead spirit regeneration has been adjusted to officially proc whenever you deal damage with a bleed power or bleed effect. A 2-second cooldown has been added instead of nerfing the spirit regeneration amount.

Gloves of the Twelve: Fixed a bug where the damage rating being awarded was lower than intended. Damage rating has been increased by 50%.

Cosmic Demonspawn have lost their patience with humans. They will no longer stick around as long after fights but will deal 50% more damage than previously.

Removed size increase from Cosmic Might affix

Fixed an issue where Unstable Molecules from different versions of the game would not stack.

Fixed bug where pets will no longer speak after another pet is summoned.

We’ve changed how some bonuses are worded: any item that benefits “pets” or “summons” will now say that they benefit “summoned allies” to prevent confusion.

Waypoints now feature a brand new, all-inclusive UI that allows players to visit any story waypoint, terminal, or challenge mode and features a fully featured map of the Marvel Universe (with each location marked clearly).

Marvel Heroes has a new login screen showing a beautiful vista of the city of Asgard.

Fixed an issue where using the Add G’s function in Steam made it so that players couldn’t chat.

Punisher’s sound effects have been improved to match his new weaponry.

Fixed an issue where player voices were too low.

Various sound improvements have been made throughout the game.


Iron man avec 4 artefacts.... Godlike :p (et je vais passer les 1k spirit !)


Hop, PvP unlocked!

Mode "Fire and Ice" vraiment pas mal, un peu Ă  mi-chemin entre du dota et du bg. Pour l'instant pas très Ă©quilibrĂ© mais ça promet, perso je me fais plaiz  ;D


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Gambit beta-released! (patch en cours)
Du monde pour le monter ce week end? :p

patch notes:


December 17, 2013, 02:38:01 pm Last Edit: December 18, 2013, 05:00:18 pm by Eternal
Ghost rider est sur le test center, ses anim sont Ă©normes :D

à venir en 2014 d'après Doomsaw:


Raids (3 biggies)

Cosmic Terminals

PVP Mode 1 Launch

PVP Mode 2 Launch

Danger Room

Completely revised, redesigned Limbo (unlimited dungeon mode)


Team Up Heroes (Examples: Spider-Man, Bucky Barnes, Dum Dum Dugan, Toro and Bob, Agent of Hydra)

New Story Chapters

Competitive PVE Mode


and more.

+ les héros:

Dr. Strange
Moon Knight
Silver Surfer
Sue Storm
(avec surement Rogue et Blade)


Elu meilleur arpg de l'année sur Tentonhammer!

The hallmarks of a great action RPG boil down to a few basic things. Highly addictive gameplay, an even higher amount of character build options, and dynamic environments are just a few of the things we look for in the genre. And let's not forget the seemingly never ending quest for killer loot!

Our pick for Best Action RPG of 2013 excels in each of those areas, and neatly draws us into the world of an existing IP in interesting, new ways. It neatly marries the action of the genre with the immersion of an RPG, all wrapped in a distinctly MMO-flavored wrapper.

Marvel Heroes has turned into an unstoppable juggernaut in the Action RPG space thanks to a combination of highly addictive gameplay, kick-ass combat, and an ever-expanding list of great heroes to play. It's quickly become one of our most played games of the year - regardless of genre.




Je vais juste laisser ca ici...

Ca me donne envie de jouer Rocket Racoon :p pour l'instant je suis toujours sur Ghost rider, en plus casu en attendant les raids ou autre

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